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Ph.D. Davor Krasić

  • Education
    • 1999 - PhD at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb
    • 1986 – Master of science degree at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb
    • 1981 - graduated at the Interfaculty Study of Transport, University of Zagreb
  • Professional experience
    • 2005 - today Institute of Tourism - scientific advisor, project manager
    • 1990 - 2005 - City of Zagreb - head of the Urban Transport Department
    • 1987 - 1990 - Institute of Traffic Sciences - senior expert associate, project manager
    • 1985 - 1987 - Organizing Committee of the Universiade `87 - assistant director of the Traffic         Department
    • 1981 - 1985 - Institute of Traffic Sciences - research assistant


    Teaching activity:

    • 2005 -2011 - Zagreb School of Management and VERN, lecturer: Project Management
    • 2006 -2011 - Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, specialist postgraduate study, lecturer: Planning of transport corridors
  • Research interests
    • Transport planning
    • Traffic in cities
    • Traffic in tourist destinations
    • Parking and garages
    • Project management
  • Projects
    • Study of traffic flow optimization on the road network of the city of Zagreb. Institute for

    tourism, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences and Elipsa S.Z., Zagreb, 2019

    • Technical assistance in the development of program tasks and tenders for transport projects for application to the EU. Institute of Tourism, Zagreb, 2015
    • Plan for conducting basic traffic research of the city of Zagreb. Institute of Tourism,

    Zagreb, 2013

    • Traffic project to improve traffic and increase the level of safety in the area of ​​Gradski kotar Jug in the City of Čakovec. Institute of Tourism, Zagreb, 2013
    • Traffic study of the impact of the construction of a two-level junction on the A-2 motorway in the zone of the city of Zaprešić on the concession area of ​​the company Autocesta Zagreb - Macelj. ZG project and Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, 2014
    • Program for the implementation of the Park & ​​Ride system. Ellipse - S.Z., d.o.o. and the Institute of Tourism, Zagreb, 2010.
    • Road marking system in the area of ​​Novi Zagreb. Institute of Tourism, Zagreb, 2009
    • Traffic analysis in the area of ​​the intersection Vinogradska-Kosirnikova-Franje Dursta with a proposal for a conceptual traffic design. Institute of Tourism, Zagreb, 2009
    • Traffic analysis and conceptual design of a public garage in Varaždin. Institute of Tourism and ADB. Zagreb, 2008
    • Study of long-term development of the port of Poreč. Institute of Tourism, Zagreb and Faculty of Maritime Studies, Rijeka, 2008
    • Feasibility study of the introduction of a tourist bus line in Zagreb. Institute of Tourism. Zagreb, 2007
    • Tourist signalization of the city of Zagreb. Faculty of Transport Sciences and Institute of Tourism. Zagreb, 2006
    • Research program of underground-above-ground rail system in the city of Zagreb. Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Institute of Tourism and Neuron. Zagreb, 2006
    • Traffic  towards hotels in the city of Zagreb. Institute of Tourism and Faculty of Transport Sciences. Zagreb, 2005
    • Zagreb Urban Transport Study (coordinator of the Expert Commission). MVA, Zagreb, 1999
  • Selected papers
    • Krasić, D.: The use of logit model for modal split estimation: A case study.

    Proceedings of the International Conference CETRA (editor Lakušić, S.),

    Zagreb, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, (2018), pp 1241-1246

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    CROSBI (CROatian Scientific BIbliography)